BioGenex provides various reagents and consumables to support Special Stains, either manaul or on automation. We provide the below ancillaries for Special Stains.

  1. Microscope slides and coverslips
  2. Pipette tips
  3. Reagent vials and Accessories
  4. Buffers
  5. De-Waxing Solutions
  6. Mounting media

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1. Microscope Slides & Coverslips

OptiPlus™ Positive-Charged Microscope Slides provide a strong adhesive surface for tissues and cells to prevent tissue displacement during harsh pre-treatments such as enzymatic digestion and the microwave Antigen Retrieval method. These slides are ideal for automated systems. Additionally, each slide has a frosted end for easy labeling. The OptiPlus™ Positive-Charged Barrier Slides have all the advantages of our regular OptiPlus™ slides, but also contain hydrophobic barriers that allow the quantity of reagents per slide to be tailored to the size of the specimen. These slides eliminate reagent waste without the need to use a PAP pen, thereby reducing set-up time in manual assays as well as in automated systems. The permanent hydrophobic barriers are compatible with dewaxing solutions and other reagents. The slides are suitable for use with frozen tissue sections, formalin-fixed paraffin sections, and cytology preparations.

Coverslips are optimized for use on Xmatrx® staining systems and come is three configurations to accommodate the different barrier slides.

Microscope Slides, Barrier Slides & Coverslips for Xmatrx® and i6000™

2. Pipette tips

BioGenex pipette tips are made of high-quality polypropylene and are RNase and heavy metal-free when untampered. Inner surface is extremely smooth and requires minimum wetting. 1 mL pipette tips are optimized for use on BioGenex Xmatrx® and i6000™ Staining Systems, while 200 µL tips are optimized for Xmatrx® staining systems.

Product 1 Box 1 Case
Pipette Tips, 1 mL (192/box, 960/case) XT105-01X XT104-05X
Pipette Tips, 200 μL (960/box, 4800/case) XT146-01X XT145-05X
4. Buffers

The concentrated wash buffer is a General Purpose Reagent suitable for diagnostic histopathology, laboratory and research use. Dilute 20X concentrated wash buffer (500ml) to 10 liters in deionized water. Check pH, if necessary, adjust to pH 7.4 ± 0.2.

Product 500 mL (20x)
Super Sensitive Wash Buffer (20X Concentrated) HK583-5K
5. De-Waxing Solutions

BioGenex de-waxing solutions are “one-step” products that simultaneously enable the removal of paraffin and allow rehydration of the tissue with a single reagent. In the past, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections were deparaffinized with highly toxic, noxious chemicals (i.e. xylene, equivalents). BioGenex offers xylene-free products that remove the paraffin from mounted tissue slides easily and rapidly and offers two de-waxing solutions.

  1. EZ-DeWax Solution is for all BioGenex manual methods.
  2. X-Dewax Solution is optimized for Xmatrx automation.
Product 1 Gallon (2x) 500 mL (2x) 1000 mL (2x) 1000 mL (RTU)
EZ-DeWax (Manual/i6000) NA HK584-5k NA HK585-5K
X-DeWax (Xmatrx) HX016-XEK NA HX016-XAK HX015-XAK
6. Mounting Media

The mounting medium may be used to attach a coverslip or may itself serve as a coverslip substitute. The choice of mounting medium depends on the duration of preservation (i.e., Permanent mounting chromogens for long-term; aqueous mounting chromogens for short-term) and the chemical compatibility with chromogen and counterstain.

SuperMount® Permanent Mounting Medium is our innovative and patented mounting medium (US Patent 5,492,837)that is designed to preserve biological specimens for long-term storage. SuperMount medium offers the following benefits.

  1. Polymer based and does not require the use of coverslip
  2. Compatible with most aqueous and organic-soluble dyes and chromogens including AEC, DAB, Elegance Red, Fast Red, New Fuchsin, BCIP/NBT, Rhodamine, Fluorescein, Texas Red, Phycoerythrin, Phycocyanin, and Fat Stain (Oil Red O)
  3. Refractive index yields greater transparency and clarity of specimens when microscopically viewed
  4. Formation of highly transparent coating that permanently preserves stained tissue sections when applied in thin coat and allowed to harden
  5. Applicable for mounting of all biological specimens, including stained tissue sections, cytospin preparations, and blood smears

BioGenex also offers Aqueous Mounting Medium, which on the other hand, is glycerol-based and does require the use of a coverslip.

Product 15 mL (RTU) 50 mL (RTU)
Aquaeous Mounting Medium HK099-5K HK584-5k
SuperMount® Permanent Aqueous Mounting Medium HK079-5K HK079-7K